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crackIAS is a platform that facilitates budding aspirants for civil services examination with the well-prepared, knowledge enriched, concise yet comprehensive notes for the exam. The main strength of our notes lies in the totality of the study material with total coverage of Current Affairs, India Year Book, Economic Survey; Magazines like Yojana & Kurukshetra, Economic & Political Weekly; and latest Human Development and World Bank Reports. Our Notes cover the Current Affairs and various National and International reports topic-wise, thereby, enriching the topics so much, that no one can match their quality.

crackIAS is the only institute in the country that provides its accountability to the students. Every year, within a couple of days after the Prelims and Mains Exam, we upload a detailed list of questions that appeared from our notes. You must check this in Our Performance Link here. We are also perhaps the only institute in the country that provides 100% Money Back guarantee in case you do not like our notes. To add to your preparation level, we connectyou withthe recently selected students who cleared this coveted exam with the flying colours, through regular workshops, telephonic and online conversations. Crack IAS Mobile App provides you the important daily news of The Hindu Newspaper every morning along with a platform to discuss your issues with other students.

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7 Offline Tests' Answers with Explanations

Being a "Child" in "this" world, I'm not a person to say about the quality of the contents in these notes. But I may say my feelings and experiences. I found it easy to study and t ...

Rahul G. Nair, New Delhi

“…a one-stop destination for success for IAS aspirants now…. makes available the notes of the past IAS toppers to civil services aspirants…. also promises to be a forum for ...

The Hindu

The Notes prepared by you are so beautifully outlines, facts and figures are nicely given, and the most I like is the table format which gives the skeleton as well as muscle to the information. It is ...

Raksha Ram, Delhi

All the notes received so far were very precise and Lucid, at the same time complete in content. Presentation of the material in pointer forms made my Revision work dawn easy and also consolidated the ...

Jaspal Kaur, Mohali