Under this policy, the old students need not to order the notes again, if they appear next year too. They just need to pay a nominal cost for the current affairs; they will get all the changes in traditional areas in a separate booklet free of cost.


We believe in our quality and commitment towards making these notes indispensable for any student preparing for Civil Services Examination. Therefore, we have introduced a "quit option" for the students. Under the new Return Policy introduced by crackIAS, any student after receiving the notes, if does not like them, he/she can return them within 15 days of subscription/The total fee already deposited by the student shall be returned back completely except Rs. 100/- shipment charges( Per Subject ). The Return Policy will cease to operate one month before the examination (both Prelims & Mains). Don’t mark anything on notes, don’t tempered the notes.


General Studies

  • There will be 9 booklets in this package. 6 Booklets for conventional areas and 3 for current Affairs. These booklets are very comprehensive. In the past 10 years, our performance shows that you DONOT need to read any other extra book beyond these 9 booklets.
  • Overviews are given at the start of the topics for better understanding of the particular topic.
  • Most of the topics in the booklets will be provided with QR codes, which can be scanned by using the crackIAS app only by registered students. This will open up an audio Lecture related to that topic which will tell the importance of that topic, how to study it, What type of Questions appears from that topic both in Prelims & Mains, how to read Current Affairs related to that topic etc.
  • Topic wise Questions after every topic from past UPSC Questions to practice and understand the type of Questions with complete answers.
  • Every day mailer sent on your email containg the important news of HINDU newspaper. This will save huge time of yours as you need to focus only on those news rather than reading the whole newspaper.
  • Completely revised notes as per new syllabus. All the topics have been covered in the bullet form, tables, flow charts and many other innovative ways. Important points have been highlighted & bold to make your studies much easier. This saves a lot of your precious time and help you in last exam time revesion.
  • 15 Tests Online + 7 Offline Tests. Read More
  • 2-4 Workshops to be conducted at Delhi by UPSC experts for solving the queries related to your preparations, practice tests and better performance in the exam.


  • There will be 7 Booklets covering the complete syllabus.. Read More
  • Notes are designed in such a way that they will take you step by step from basics of Maths and English to advanced level.
  • Notes will cover all basic books like NCERTs.
  • Areas from Vedic Maths and Abacus have been incorporated to help in solving questions faster with tricks and acronyms.
  • In English we will start with basics of grammar, conversation abilities & methodology and finally to a comprehension of language.
  • There will be 15-20 Paper Tests. Read More
  • 2-4 Workshops to be conducted at Delhi by UPSC experts for solving the queries related to your preparations.

General Studies


  • All relevant books along with other Sources Covered - You Do NOT need to read ANYTHING ELSE.
  • Last 5 years Yojana & Kurukshetra articles, 15 years of WDR, & HDR reports – relevant portions included in our Traditional areas - covered Topic wise.
  • Easy to remember techniques - Bullet form / tables / graphs / bold.
  • Analytical coverage - as pre latest UPSC pattern.
  • Current Affairs:-

  • Topic wise: Current Affairs aregiven topic wise for each paper particularly of Mains as per UPSC syllabus. Topic wise coverage helps in writing good answers, which reflects current orientation of the particular topic in your answer.
  • Coverage: Hindu / Mint / PIB / Internet / EPW / WDR / HDR / Yojana / Kurukshetra / Eco. Survey.
  • These are all covered TOPIC-WISE.
  • Example: Demonetization topic- All the Current affairs / aspects from Hindu, Imp. Reports – WDR, HDR, EPW, Yojana, Kurukshetra etc. will be covered to give current happenings of that to particular topic (Economic, Social, Geography, Political, etc) at one point. Easy for you to accommodate in answers and reflects a broad picture of your answers.
  • Analytical Coverage: All aspects of a Topic: Eco / Social / Political Covered to give you a wholesome understanding.
  • Synopsis:-

  • Very very helpful in last minute revision of your mains syllabus in just few hours (which is not possible otherwise).
  • It is covered in bullet form, approximately 40-50 pages.
  • Whatever Notes you read for your mains exam, you get the Synopsis of that only.
  • In Mains exam you need Creativity / Free mind, so these synopsis will surely help you to release this pressure.
  • Multiple times revision is beneficial, and it is possible with synopsis only.
  • Test Series (In both Complementary & Paid Package):- Read More

  • Tests Series based on Latest UPSC Pattern. The Level of Questions is equivalent to UPSC exams. All the Conventional topics are covered with Current orientation in the form of Questions in our Test Series.
  • Evaluation: The Evaluation of Test Series is done by IAS Toppers & Relevant feedback is given to improve answer writing skills.
  • Q. Paper: We will tell you how to break the questions according to important keywords, in this way a complicated question becomes easy to attempt. Hence A Structured & Meaningful answer follows. UPSC style Answer Sheets: to give you a feel of the UPSC exam.
  • Performance: Our Mains Test Series delivered direct 3-4 Questions (out of Approximately ONLY 20 questions were given in our test series).
  • e.g.

    crackIAS Test no-3/Mains 2016 -

    2. Both Subahsh Chander Bose and Mahatma Gandhi launched struggles against the British. How their ideas and strategies were different? (200 Words)

    UPSC 2016 EXAM -

    5.Highlight the differences in the approach of Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi in the struggle for freedom.

    crackIAS Test no-3/Mains 2016 -

    UPSC 2016 EXAM -

    4.Discuss the role of women in the freedom struggle especially during the Gandhian phase.

    Workshop / Discussions (at Delhi):-

  • Discussion about answer writing technique.
  • 2016 Mains paper direct discussion.
  • Model answer writing.
  • Query solving & other things.
  • Daily News Mailers:-

    Important News of the Hindu / Mint will be given to you on daily basis. You DO NOT need to read the whole paper and eventually saves a lot of time.



    1. Essay has been extremely important in UPSC. It is equivalent to one paper of GS Mains (250 marks). However students generally do not give importance to Essay paper. You can easily increase your marks by 40-50 by just going through these books.
    2. We will be providing you 4 booklets and 4 test papers for Essay paper.
    3. One book would contain the techniques about how to write good Essay. These techniques have been devised by people who have scored marks in the range of 75-80% in Essays.
    4. One book will contain 50 most important articles from which you can expect more than 80% topics in your exam. These articles are chosen based on detailed analysis of the current happenings around the world and analysis of past 30 years of UPSC papers.
    5. One book would be covering the current aspects and other relevant parts related to these 50 topics.
    6. One book would contain a number of model Essays written by recent IAS Officers for you to understand what kind of Essays are appreciated by UPSC.
    7. We will be sending you 4 test papers containing 20 Essays each papers to practice Essay writing. These Essays are of UPSC standards. Evaluation of your written Essays would be done by recent IAS Toppers & Detailed feedback would be given to enhance your Essay Writing Skills.


Prelims Complete Course
(GS Complete + CSAT including Test Papers)

Complete (1-9 booklets + 15 Online tests + 7 Paper tests) 5000/-
General Studies Conventional Area (1-6 booklets + 15 Online tests) 3500/-

General Studies C. Aff. (7, 8, 9 booklets [total 3 booklets] + 15 Online tests)


CSAT(7-8 booklets, which includes 15-20 paper tests)


Including Courier Charges and all services, Tests & Workshops mentioned in the Prelims memberships plan
Prelims-cum-Mains Complete Course
(GS Prelims + CSAT + GS Mains all papers + Essay including Test Papers)

Mains Complete Course including Essays
(GS All Papers I-IV + Essay including Test Papers)

All papere of GS (Paper-1,2,3,& 4)
(25 Booklets including Current Affairs+ 8 Full length Paper Tests)

Any Paper Of General Studies
(Including Current Affairs topic wise & two full Test Paper

All papers of GS (Paper-1,2,3,4)
(20 Booklets not including Current Affairs + 8 Full length Paper Tests)

GS Mains Current Affairs only - all 4 papers covered topic-wise
(5 Booklets + 8 Full length Paper Tests)
(Two full Test Paper)
Mains Test Series
(Total no of comprehensive tests-10, each test will cover Questions from all the 4 papers. 20 questions each tests (5 questions from each paper))
All papers of GS (Paper-1,2,3,4)
(20 Booklets not including Current Affairs + 8 Full length Paper Tests)

Any Optional 3700/-
(4 Booklets including topic-wise current affairs + 2 Full length Paper Tests)
Subject offered – Public Administration, and Sociology.
Including Courier Charges and all services, Tests & Workshops mentioned in the Mains memberships plan


General Studies (PRE)




For General Studies (PRE) This fee includes the following:
- 3 Booklets containing Current Affairs + Synopsis of India Year Book + Synopsis of Economic Survey + General Knowledge Module
- 15 Online Tests
- Other Services including Workshops, Hindu News through email etc.

For CSAT This fee includes the following:
- 15-20 Paper Tests
- Other Services including Workshops, Hindu News through email etc.

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