Prelims Dispatch Schedule
 general studies
Dispatch Plan
Paper I- (Prelims) Booklet No. Areas Covered Tentative Schedule
1st World Geography, Geography Theory, Climate Change

Mid December / At the time of Subscription.
2nd Polity and Governance – Constitution of India, Political System and Indian System of Governance, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Right Issues, Important Agencies, Schedules, Articles & Amendments
3rd Indian History – Indian National Movement, Medieval India, Ancient India
4th Science & Technology
General Knowledge
5th Indian Economy, Trade Related Organizations of the World, Social Economy
6th Indian Geography (Physical, Social & Economic Geography) & Biodiversity (Genera Concepts of Biodiversity & Environmental Ecology)
7th Current Affairs-1 (June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov) by 30th Jan
8th India Year Book by 30th March
9th Current Affairs-2 (Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April)
by 07th May
Dispatch Plan
Paper II- (Prelims) Booklet No. Areas Covered Tentative Schedule
1st Data Interpretation (Charts, Graphs, Tables, Data Sufficiency etc.) At the time of Subscription.
2nd Basic Numeracy (Numbers and their relations, Orders of Magnitude etc.)
3rd Comprehension
4th Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability
5th Decision Making And Problem Solving
6th English Language Comprehension Skills + Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills
7th Advance Level Practice Tests for Comprehension, Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills, English Language Comprehension Skills, Decision Making & Problem Solving by March End
8th Advanced Level Practice Tests for Data Interpretation, Basic Numeracy, General Mental Ability, Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability by April End