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CSAT Notes

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Many of you must be spending 10 hours+ everyday on studies, yet you may be missing your timelines. Our weekly timetable strategy ensures that you are able to complete your syllabus fully & properly.

  • We have divided complete UPSC syllabus including Pre & Mains into 358 Topics. Of these, 239 are relevant for both Pre & Mains, while others are either specific to Pre or Mains.
  • In our Weekly Timetable, you get list of topics to be prepared in each week, in a way that all your 358 Topics are covered. For these topics, you will get complete content (Pre & Mains separately), and then a test every Sunday for both Pre & Mains.

Here we have given first 5 weeks of timetable only. After subscription, you will get complete time table schedule.

  • Indian Constitution - Features & Significant Provisions related to The Preamble, Union & its Territories and The Citizenship
  • Indian Constitution - Amendments, Schedules, and Important Articles
  • Pressure Groups, Other Formal-Informal Associations and their role in the Polity
  • Role of NGOs, SHGs, Donors & Charities, and Institutional & other Stakeholders in Development Process
  • Indian Constitution - Features & Significant Provisions related to Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties
  • Separation of powers between various organs
  • Peoples' Participation-Role of Civil Society in Governance
  • Health & Sanitation and related issues
  • Comparison of Indian Constitutional System with that of other Countries - Parliamentary & Presidential Systems of Governance
  • Executive: Structure, Organization & Functioning ; Ministries and Departments of the Government
  • The President and the Vice-President of India
  • Education and related issues
  • Human resources, Youth, Sports and related issues
  • Poverty & Hunger and related issues
  • Parliament - structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers & privileges and issues arising out of these
  • Functions & Responsibilities of the Union, the Prime Minister and Union Council of Ministers
  • Functions & Responsibilities of the States, the Governor, the Chief Minister and State COM
  • Public Policy Making
  • Other Social Welfare Bodies in India
  • Important Aspects of Governance, Transparency & Accountability including Right to Information and Citizen Charter
  • State Legislatures - structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers & privileges and issues arising out of these
  • Issues and Challenges Pertaining to the Federal Structure, Dispute Redressal Mechanisms, and the Centre-State Relations
  • Devolution of Powers & Finances up to Local Levels and Challenges therein - Panchayats & Municipalities
  • Emergency Powers of the Union
  • E-governance - applications, models, successes, limitations, and potential incl. Aadhaar & Digital power
  • India's Foreign Policy evolution and changes
  • India - Pakistan
  • India - China


6-Red Books (Static part) at time of subscription
7th Red Book (Current) October-end 2019
8th Red Book (Current) December-end 2019
9th Red Book (Current) March-end 2020
10th Red Book (India Yr Bk, Eco Survey) March-end 2020
Current Supplement (Pdf) April-end 2020


  • 2019 Edition of Mains (Paper I-IV) at time of subscription so that you can start your preparation.
  • New Edition of Mains Books (Topicwise, colored, completely updated):
  • Paper-II (2 Blue Books) October-end 2019
  • Paper-III (2 Blue Books) December-end 2019
  • Paper-I (2 Blue Books) February-end 2020
  • Paper-IV (2 Blue Books) March-end 2020
  • 9th Blue Book (Current) December-end 2019
  • 10th Blue Book (Current) April-end 2020
  • 11th Blue Book (Current) July-end 2020
  • 12th Blue Book (Gist of magazines & reports) July-end 2020
  • 13th Blue Book (Synopsis of all 12 Blue Books) August-end 2020
  • Current Supplement (Pdf) August-end 2020


4-Books at time of subscription
5th Book (advance level tests) mid-March
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