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All India GS Prelims Test Series - 65 Tests 2022

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  • Books should be dispatched within 7 days of receiving them. In case of Test Series, it's after attempting 3 Tests.
  • You should Not use a pen on books.
  • We shall refund your 100% Fee in your account on receiving the books except Rs 200 Courier Charges.
  • After receiving the books we take another approx. 15 days to scrutinize and process your Fees back to your Bank account via RTGS.
Topicwise test, exclusive current affairs test, followed by subjectwise & comprehensive tests - help you undergo rigorous training for Prelims. Questions are on UPSC lines with detailed reports to better your performance.


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GS Prelims Test Series consists of 4 parts-
  • Part-1: Weekly Topicwise Fundamental Tests. These consist of 50 Qs each. Total 40 Tests. Objective of these tests is to build your base for various topics & improve your reading skills. (Test 1 to 40).
    (40 Tests * 50 Qs Each = 2000 Qs)
  • Part-2: 5 Exclusive Current Affairs Fundamental Tests from covering Current Affairs from 1 January 2020 till 31 December 2020. Objective of these tests is to cover a lot of current affairs looking at their importance in selection process. (Full-Length Test 1 to 5).
    (5 Current Affairs Tests * 100 Qs Each = 500 Qs)
  • Part-3: 5 Subjectwise Applied Tests conducted every 15 days from mid-January to mid-March covering complete syllabus of a particular subject. Objective of these tests is to check your knowledge of a subject & accordingly strengthen your weak subjects. (Full-Length Test 6 to 10).
    (5 Subject Tests * 100 Qs Each = 500 Qs)
  • Part - 4: 15 Comprehensive Full-Length Advanced Tests from mid-March to mid-May. Also, all Full-length Tests have 25% Questions from Current Affairs. Objective is to develop your speed to complete the paper and give you first-hand experience under exam conditions. (Full-Length Test 11 to 25).
    (15 Comprehensive Tests * 100 Qs Each = 1500 Qs)
You will be provided Monthly Current Affairs E-Book + 1000 Current Affairs Qs in Pdf form at end. Current affairs are well-prepared from 14 different sources like The Hindu, PIB, Indian Express, Live Mint, IDSA, PRS Blog, Yojana, EPW etc.

What's Special about our All India GS Prelims Test Series:
  • Your paper is evaluated against 11 different parameters - both Macro & Micro performance Analysis.
  • You will come to know how you performed not only in different Subjects (Section wise analysis) but also against easy, medium & hard questions (Difficulty Analysis).
  • You will also come to know about your performance and ranking against 1000s of other students (All India Rank).
  • You will also be able to know that how many % of students gave right answer to a question which you attempted wrong (comparison with toppers).
  • You will get detailed explanation along with source of each and every question of the paper. The reports will also give you personalized feedback and practical suggestions against your Performance.
  • It has been scientifically designed to improve your Topic reading skills, speed & performance in the exam.
  • Questions are exactly on UPSC lines with a UPSC+1 difficulty level. The proportion of easy, medium & hard questions; direct & statement questions; and the proportion of a/b/c/d options has been maintained as per UPSC standards.
  • It has been scientifically designed to improve your Topic reading skills, speed & performance in the exam.
  • Tests are fundamental as well as applied and contain a lot of tricky questions.
  • Questions are prepared from best sources like Ncerts, PIB, Government sites, and best textbooks - reference of source given against each question.
Tests are conducted Online. You will get Username/ Password as soon as you subscribe to test series and the process on Email. Flexible-Date of Mock Test: Postpone, but not Prepone.

Experts Support
Telephonic Discussion/ Email Interaction/ Classroom interaction in seminars

Program Objective
This is a comprehensive program for students planning to appear in 2021. It focuses on making their reading skills better, attune them to exam conditions, and provide them a wide variety of questions of UPSC level with detailed explanations. It helps serious IAS aspirants to sharpen their skills and perform with great marks.  

crackIAS reserves all rights related to admission. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable. The student needs to provide UPSC roll no. and other details to [email protected].


6-Red Books (Static part) at time of subscription
7th Red Book (Current) October-end
8th Red Book (Current) December-end
9th Red eBook (Current) March-end (approx 2 months before Prelims Exam)
10th Red eBook (India Yr Bk, Eco Survey) March-end (approx 2 months before Prelims Exam)
Current Supplement (Pdf) April-end (approx one month before Prelims Exam)


  • 4-Books at time of subscription
  • 5th eBook (advance level tests) mid-March


  • 4-Blue Books (Static Part) at time of subscription
  • 4-Blue Books (Static Part) during January-March 2020
  • 9th Blue Book (Current) December-end
  • 10th Blue Book (Current) April-end (approx 5-months before Mains Exam)
  • 11th Blue eBook (Current) July-end (approx 2 months before Mains Exam)
  • 12th Blue eBook (Gist of Reports & Magazines) July-end (approx 2 months before Mains Exam)
  • 13th Blue eBook (synopsis of all 12 Blue Books) August-end (approx 1 month before Mains Exam)
  • Current Supplement (PDF) August-end (approx 1 month before Mains Exam)


  • 2-Booklets for Essay at time of subscription
  • 1-Booklets (approx 1 month before Mains Exam)

In our GS Prelims package, we have 6 Books cover Static Areas incl. History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment, Science, and GK. 3 Books cover Current Affairs from 14 different sources like Hindu, PIB, Live Mint, PRS, Indian Express, etc. We provide current affairs for 1.5 years from January to April-end. 1 Book contains Gist of India Year Book, Economic Survey & Budget in just 150-200 pages.

In our GS Mains package, we have 9 Blue Books cover all Static Areas of all the 4 Papers of GS Mains (divided into 358 topics total). 3 Blue Books cover well-prepared Current Affairs from 14 Sources for 1.5 years. 1 Blue Book covers well-prepared Gist of 1 year issues of Yojana, Economic & Political Weekly, and latest reports of World Bank (WDR) and HDR. 1 Blue Book covers well-prepared Synopsis of all the 13 Blue Books above in just 45 to 50 pages for Exam-time revision. 3 Blue Books for Essay cover various aspects and techniques of writing high scoring essays, model essays written by toppers, and a dedicated current affairs book related to various topics of Essay.