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Relevant for: Indian Economy | Topic: Issues relating to Growth & Development - Industry & Services Sector incl. MSMEs and PSUs

Piyush Goyal, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, on Wednesday launched the National Single Window System (NSWS) for investors and businesses.

Speaking on the occasion, Goyal said that this single window portal will become a one-stop-shop for investors for approvals and clearances.

NSWS will usher in "Azadi" (freedom) from legacy of running to govt offices for approvals and registrations, adding that PM Modi’s, decisive and bold leadership has enabled and encouraged India to dream bigger, Goyal further said.

The system, as per Goyal, would bring transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the ecosystem and all information available on a single dashboard. An applicant Dashboard would be there to apply, track and respond to queries.

The minister added that all solutions will be there at one click of the mouse through ‘End-to-End’ facilitation.

The portal as of today hosts approvals across 18 Central Departments and 9 States, another 14 Central depts and five states will be added by December 2021.

National Single Window System provides following online services: -

Know Your Approval (KYA) Service: An intelligent information wizard that generates a list of approvals required by any business to commence operations. It does so by asking the investor a series of dynamic questions about their planned business activities and identifies the applicable approvals basis the responses provided. The questionnaire, simple and user friendly on the surface, has a complex, automated logic built into it to sieve through hundreds of approvals, and shortlists only those relevant to the specific investor or entrepreneur. This service was launched on 21.07.2021 with over 500 approvals across 32 Central Departments and over 2000 approvals across 14 states.

This service is only for guidance purposes and does not constitute any legal advice.

Common Registration Form: To ensure a single point of submission of information and documents across Ministries and States, a unified information capturing system along with a common registration form has been introduced. Information is auto-populated on forms, eliminating the need to fill in the same information again.

State registration form: Enables investor to have seamless single click access to respective State Single Window System.

Applicant dashboard: Provides a single online interface to apply, track and respond to the queries pertaining to approvals and registrations across ministries and States.

Document repository: An online centralized storage service for investors to enable one-time document submission and use the same across multiple approvals. This eliminates the need to submit documents at multiple portals.

E-Communication module: Enables online response to queries and clarification requests related to applications by Ministries and States.

The beta version of the portal has now been completed and is being opened to all stakeholders and the public as trial soft launch. The beta version of the portal (under Phase I), hosts approvals from 18 Central departments and 9 States and is aimed at guiding investors to the list of business approvals they may need, based on information provided by them. Another 14 Central departments and 5 States will be onboarded by December 2021 (under Phase II)

The portal will progressively onboard a greater number of approvals and licenses, based on user / industry feedback. Though extensive testing by Ministries/States is ongoing, and will continue for next three months to stabilize & optimize the platform, it is critical that extensive feedback from the industry users is accommodated to ensure comprehensiveness and high utility for Investors & Entrepreneurs.

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