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That's one way to beat the sweltering summer heat!

Like India, US and Canada, Dubai is also witnessing scorching heat to the extent that the temperatures have surpassed 50 degrees celsius at a point.

To beat the heat, the United Arab Emirates's (UAE) National Center of Meteorology came up with a solution that resulted in monsoon-like rainfall in the desert country. The enhanced rain is created using drone technology known as cloud seeding, according to reports.

This technology, used to enhance precipitation, generates electrical charges prompting clouds to coalesce and produce water. Each year, the average precipitation in the country measures just 100 mm.

As per experts, the technology aims to create rain more efficiently within clouds and in the process, it triggers more water to come down. They suggest cloud seeding methods can help in alleviating the water problem.

The official Twitter handle of the National Center of Meteorology shared a video of the downpour. The clip shows rain pouring down on a highway as the cars navigate through it.

منطقة النصلة #رأس_الخيمة #المركز_الوطني_للأرصاد #أمطار_الخير #أصدقاء_المركز_الوطني_للأرصاد #حالة_الطقس #حالة_جوية #هواة_الطقس #جمعة_القايدي #عواصف_الشمال pic.twitter.com/ZmoveP4OA7

A post shared by المركز الوطني للأرصاد (@officialuaeweather)

The footage shared also showed the intense showers flooding roads in addition to flashes of lightning.

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