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The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has launched an automated fuelling technology -UFill- to ensure that its customers have a better experience at outlets. The technology obviates the need for looking at zero or final reading and such offline manual interventions, the company said in a statement.

UFill functionality, which has been described as swift, secure and smart, has been launched in 65 cities and will soon be launched across the country. 

No need to wait for making payment, once you fill.
With BPCL’s UFill prepaid code, just drive out. #UFill is a swift, secure & smart functionality that transforms your fuelling experience. #Automation #DigitalTransformation #PureForSure #FutureReady #StaySafeStayHealthy #Cloud pic.twitter.com/hCj2cRNOSK

The UFill functionality does not need any app download, and is payment app agnostic. Customer can use any payment app already downloaded on his/her phone like GPay, PayTM, PhonePe etc. It offers real time QR and voucher code through SMS and is accepted at all BPCL Fuel Stations where the functionality is enabled. 

The BPCL further said that if the amount paid in advance is partially used, the balance amount is immediately refunded to the bank account of the customer. If not used within 48 hours, the money paid in advance is automatically refunded to the bank account from where debited.

The technology provides the customer with control of fuelling as well as touch less pre-payment solution. with the dispensing unit getting automatically preset for the value of fuel paid for by him/her in advance and eliminates any manual intervention at the point of sale. 

Thus, no need to check zero before fuelling or final reading, the dispensing unit will automatically dispense the exact quantity of fuel. Also, it is effective across the stakeholder chain right from the Company officials to end-user including Dealers, Managers and Driveway Salesmen (DSM). 

UFill aims to improve customer’s turn-around time (TAT) at fuel outlet and increase transactional transparency, thereby providing enhanced retail like experience. “No need to wait for making payment, once you fill. With BPCL’s UFill prepaid code, just drive out," BPCL said on Twitter. 

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