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Indian Culture

At a time when the prevalence of many faiths kept people confused, the advent of the Saivite Nayanmars inspired the spirit of service to Siva and the Sivan Adiyars, and thereby helped to foster Saivism. Tirunavukkarasar’s life shows how by Siva’s grace he experiences a change of heart that brings about the change of faith and a change in the way of his life, pointed out Sivathiru Pa. Peraathu Selvan in a discourse. It is God’s will that he is placed in very challenging situations and that, with His unfailing guidance, he is led out from the darkness of ignorance to the light of God realisation. Even his brief straying into the Samana faith when he is known as Dharmasena becomes a strong basis for his unshakable faith in Saivism.

First of all, the incident of his suffering severe stomach colic and the way it is cured through sheer grace of Siva makes him extremely grateful to God for having shown the path to salvation by seeking His feet. He offers the Lord the garland of songs in beautiful Tamizh, the famous pathigam ‘Kuttrayinavaaru.’ Till date it is believed that those who sing this hymn with faith and devotion are sure to get relief from mental sorrow and distress. It is also held that this famous hymn won for him the special title ‘Navukkarasar,’ conferred by the Lord Himself.

God subjects him to further trials when the then reigning Pallava king inflicts on him threats and punishments. But he comes out of all this unscathed by the Lord’s grace and the hymns he sings during this period of torture instil tremendous faith in God and fearlessness about death, disease, or any kind of torment, even in hell. Incidentally, it brings a change of faith in the king also. It also inspires joy in serving the Lord alone who is the ruler of the entire universe.

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