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Security Related Matters

Ajit Doval  

National Security Adviser Ajit Doval on Friday said all stakeholders, including States and the private sector, need to cooperate to mitigate the negative effects of cyberspace, especially amid emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence and internet of things.

“The security agencies of geographies also need to have better cooperation and they should have very specific cybersecurity structure which are able to do faster exchange of information, identify the defaulters, to see against them give support to law enforcement agencies so that the cybernorms and laws are adhered to,” Mr. Doval said at the GCCS 2017.

Artificial intelligence

He warned that the situation would get more complex as “we are entering into domain of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoTs, robotics… [these] are going to create and compound problems manifold.”

“So we have got to think of the structures, systems, methodologies, inter-operability, governmental support, multilateral and bilateral cooperation, which will be able to cope,” he said.

Mr. Doval, however, added, “We may not be able to completely wipe off this negative side, but at least can do a lot to mitigate them.”

“Never before has there been any change which is so wide in its expanse, and which can affect the lives of so many people... [but] if it provides you global connectivity, it also provides global connectivity to terrorists and criminals. It also provides connectivity to the people who want to subvert the minds and hearts of young generation and take them to a certain path of thinking,” Mr. Doval said.

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