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Government Policies & Welfare Schemes

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

Year End Review 2018: Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD) under M/O Social Justice & Empowerment

Posted On: 14 DEC 2018 5:33PM by PIB Delhi

In order to give focused attention to policy issue and meaningful thrust to the activities aimed at welfare and empowerment of the person with disabilities, a separate Department of Disability Affairs was carved out of the Ministry of Social justice & Empowerment on May 12, 2012. The Department was renamed as Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities on 08-12-2014. The Department acts as a nodal agency for matters pertaining to disability and persons with disabilities including effecting closer coordination among different stakeholders; related Central Ministries, State/UT Governments, NGOs etc. in matters pertaining to disability.

The Department is primarily entrusted with the task of empowerment of person with disabilities to build an inclusive society in which equal opportunities are provided for the growth and development of person with disabilities so that they can lead productive, safe and dignified live. To empower persons with disabilities through its various Acts/Institution/Organisations and Schemes for rehabilitation and to create an enabling environment that provides such persons with equal opportunities, protection of their rights and enables them to participates as independent and productive members of society.

To realize its vision and achieve the mission, the departments strives for the following bjectives:-

  1. Undertaking following measures for rehabilitation:
  2. Physical rehabilitation, which includes early detection and intervention counseling  and medical rehabilitation and assistance in procuring appropriate aids and appliances for reducing the effect of disabilities;
  3. Educational rehabilitation including vocational education and
  4. Economic rehabilitation and social empowerment.
  5. Developing rehabilitation professionals/personnel.
  6. Improving internal efficiency/responsiveness/service delivery.
  7. Advocating empowerment of person with disabilities through awareness generation among different sections of the society.


1456 ADIP Camps organized and more than 2.40 lakh Divyangjan provided Aids Assistive Devices in the year 2018. 3430 Motorized tricycles provided and 287 Cochlear implant surgery conducted successfully during this year.

A Mega Distribution Camp was organized at Gwalior on 11.02.2018 at Jiwaji University Ground, Gwalior for distribution of Aids & Assistive devices to the Divyangjan and Senior Citizens through ALIMCO, a CPSE under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. In the camp Aids and Assistive devices were distributed to Divyangjan & senior citizens belonging to BPL category in the august presence of The Hon’ble President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind. Also, Smt. Anandiben Patel, Hon’ble Governor, Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh, Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki, Hon’ble Governor, Haryana, Shri Thaawarchand Gehlot, Hon’ble Minister, Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, Hon'ble Minister of Rural Development Panchayati Raj and Mines, Govt. of India, Shri Nitish Kumar Chief Minister Bihar were present. In addition to above, Shri Narayan Singh Kushwaha, Minister of Madhya Pradesh Govt., Shri Gaurishankar Chaturbhuj Bisen, Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government, Shri Gopal Bhargava, Hon’ble Minister of Social Justice, Madhya Pradesh, Smt. Maya Singh, Minister, Madhya Pradesh Government, Shri Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, Minister of Madhya Pradesh and other dignitaries of the State were also present.

At Gwalior mega camp 4271 nos. of beneficiaries, 2436 nos. of Divyangjan under ADIP Scheme & 1835 Nos. of senior citizens under Rashtriya Vayoshree Yojana were provided 8108 nos. of equipment & Assistive Devices amounting to Rs 288.72 Lakhs, free of cost.

Major Aids and Assistive Devices distributed under ADIP Scheme were Motorized Tricycles-119, Conventional Tricycles-762, Wheelchairs-277, Cruthes-1236, Walking Sticks-327, Braille Canes-34, Braille Kits-36, Braille Slates-19, Hearing Aids-742, Rolator-38, Smart Cane-127, Smart Phone-50, ADL Kit-26, Cell Phone -26, Daisy Player-30, MSID Kit-268, Callipiers-324 etc.

Under the Rashtriya Vayoshree Yojana major Aids and Assistive Devices distributed were Walking sticks-1089, Wheel Chairs-250, Hearing Aids-773, Cruthes-14, Tripod-417, Tetrapod-197, Walker Foldable-03, Denture Complete-45, Denture Partial-40, Spectacles-806 etc.






















The Vice-President of India gave away the National Awards for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), 2018 to awardees at a function organized by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in New Delhi on 3rd December 2018 on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3rd December). Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Thaawarchand Gehlot, Ministers of State of Social Justice Empowerment Shri Krishan Pal Gurjar, Shri Ramdas Athawale and Shri Vijay Sampla also graced the occasion.


Accessible India Campaign (AIC) was launched on December 3, 2015, for creating universal accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Built Environment, Transport, and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) ecosystem. So far, Access Audit of 1662 buildings in 50 cities has been completed by the auditors.  Financial proposals for retrofitting of 1217 buildings have been received and sanction has been issued in respect of 910 buildings amounting to Rs.264.91 crores. All 34 International Airports and 48 Domestic Airports have been provided with accessible features viz. ramps, accessible toilets, lifts with Braille symbols and auditory signals. Out of 709 ‘A-1’, ‘A’ & ‘B’ category Railway Stations, 670 railway stations have been provided with all Short-Term Facilities and 639 railway stations have been provided with all Long-Term Facilities. 8.4% Public Transport buses of 58 SRTUs have been provided overall accessibility.   Out of 100 Central Government Ministries/Departments, Websites of 94 Ministries/Departments have been made accessible so far.  Out of 917 identified websites of State Governments /UTs which are in the process of being made accessible through ERNET India, 217 States/UTs websites have been made live.


The Department has already initiated Unique Disability Identification project with a view to create national database for PwDs, to issue Unique Disability ID (UDID) Card along with disability certificate to everyone. In this regard, a web based software has been developed and is being shared with all the State Government and UTs, through training of their personnel. Once the project covers all persons with disabilities, UDID Card will be made mandatory for availing various governments benefits. So far, 463 districts of 27 States/UTs have generated 11.20 lakh e-UDID Cards.


  • 100 Accessible websites of various State Government/UTs under Accessible India Campaign were launched by the Union Minister for social Justice and Empowerment, Shri Thaawarchand Gehlot on the occasion of ‘National Conference on Improving Accessibility’ on 19.01.2018.
  • Under the Scheme of Assistance to Disabled persons for Purchase/Fitting of Aids and Appliances (ADIP), in the month of February, 2018, Special camps were held at 8 locations in the country for distribution of aids and assistive devices to Divyangjan.
  • Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment felicitated 17 member Blind Cricket World Cup winning Indian Team and presented them with a cash award of Rs.34 lakhs at a function in New Delhi on 21.2.2018. Union Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment.
  • The first and second meeting of the Central Advisory Board on disability was held under the Chairmanship of Union Minister of social justice and Empowerment on 13.02.2018 and 5th October, 2018 in Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. The meeting was attended by Ministers and their representatives from various States/UTs representatives from various Central Ministries/Departments and other nominated members of the board. The Board deliberated on various important policy issues in disability sector such as inclusive education, implementation of the RPWD act, Accessible India Campaign (AIC) etc.
  • The National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities, launched and Inclusive India Initiative. To spread the initiative in other parts of the country, a regional workshop was organized in Bhopal on 10th February 2018. The workshop was inaugurated by Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Hon’ble Chief Minister, M.P, in the presence of the Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment. The workshop was attended by experts in the field, students, NGOs, parents and other citizens. The objective of the workshop was to spread awareness on Inclusion of Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Review meeting with eight North-Eastern States was held on 23.02.2018 at Guwahati, Assam to discuss issues relating to Schemes/Programmes/Initiative undertaken by the Department.
  • First Indian Sign Language Dictionary of 3000 words, developed by Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre (ISLRTC), New Delhi, was launched by Dr Thaawarchand Gehlot, Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment on 23.03.2018. ISL dictionary consists of various categories of words, for example, legal terms, medical terms, academic terms, technical terms and daily use words.
  • The newly established ALIMCO Auxiliary Production Centre (AAPC) Ujjain was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister, Social Justice & Empowerment on 28.04.2018. The state of art production centre established under the Modernization programme of ALIMCO.
  • Department organized the ‘1st Sensitization Meeting of Stakeholders to make Delhi a Model Accessible City’ on the 7th May, 2018. The Department has taken up the initiative to coordinate the meeting of all key stakeholders, sensitize them about the legal mandates and would hold supervisory role in this entire journey.
  • A Composite Regional Centre for Persons with Disabilities at Narsingarh, West Tripura was inaugurated on 08th June, 2018 by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tripura in the presence of Hon’ble Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India and other dignitaries.
  • The National IT Challenge for Youths with Disabilities, in the age group of 13-21 years (school going or school dropout had been held at NIT Kurukshetra, Haryana on 25-26 June 2018.
  • Department organized a meeting on 17.7.2018 with the Scientists of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation (ALIMCO) on the issue of commercialization of various technological interventions developed by DST for the benefits of persons with disabilities.  The meeting was convened as a follow up of CoS meeting held on 2nd April, 2018 wherein CoS recommended that DST and DEPwD may jointly explore the possibilities of commercialization of various technological interventions developed by DST for benefit of PwDs.
  • A National workshop on Skill Development for Persons with Disabilities was held on 3rd July, 2018 in Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. The meeting was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister, SJE and attended by Hon’ble Minister Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, other stakeholders representing industry houses, Empanelled Training Partners (ETP) and State Government representatives etc. In the meeting, various core issues relating to promoting skill development for Persons with Disabilities, Skill curriculum design, participation of industry and experts were deliberated upon.
  • An Indian delegation headed by Hon’ble Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment (SJE), comprising Secretary, DEPwD attended the Global Disability Summit held at London on 24th July, 2018. Hon’ble Minister (SJE), while reiterating India’s commitment to international principles, put forth the initiatives taken by the Government of India for empowerment of persons with Disabilities. The conference was attended by global leaders of more than 40 countries. About 1100 delegates from all over the world attended the conference.
  • Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in the presence of the Hon’ble Union Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment and Hon’ble Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare conducted the Bhomi Pujan on 02.09.2018 for construction of a new building for the Composite Regional Centre (CRC), Gorakhpur at BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur. Estimated cost of project is Rs. 16.63 crores. On this occasion, services of CRC, Gorakhpur at Sitapur Eye Hospital, Gorkhpur was also inaugurated.
  • A National Conference was organised on 14th September, 2018 at Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi to create awareness about important components of revised scheme of District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRC). Hon’ble Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment was Chief Guest of the Conference. The Conference was attended by Principal Secretaries of states, District Magistrates/Districts Commissioners, Chief Commissioner as well as State Commissioners for Persons with Disabilities and implementation agencies.
  • Indian Sign language Research and Training Centre, New Delhi celebrated “Sign Language Day” on 23.09.2018 at Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra, New Delhi. Hon’ble Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The centre observed “Foundation Day” on 28.09.2018. Diploma Certificate (Diploma in Indian Sign Language Interpretation) to 27 students of academic year 2016-17 were distributed.
  • A National Workshop on Physical and Mental Disabilities in the light of Global Best Practices in Care. Rehabilitation and Research under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment was held on 23rd October 2018 at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The workshop was hosted by National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD), Chennai. The outcome of the workshop will support protocol development in the service deliveries and encourage adaptation of global best practices in Indian context.
  • A three day international event of the “Global IT challenge for Youth with Disabilities, 2018” was hosted by the Department in association with the Ministry of Health &  Welfare, Government of  Republic of Korea from 9th to 11th November at Hotel  Ashok, New Delhi. Ninety six youth with disabilities from 18 countries namely, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Korea, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, India and UK participated in the event. India won three medals in the event.
  • An MoU has been signed between the Government of Australia and the Government of India for cooperation in disability sector on 22.11.2018 during the visit of Hon’ble President to Australia. Indian High Commissioner to Australia signed the MoU on behalf of the Government of India.


Sanjay Kumar/jk/DEPwD-Year End Review/14-12-2018

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