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Set no - "D"


Dear Student, we rate the GS Prelims Paper (I) as an average (easy) paper. Here Questions were mostly direct and conventional with direct options to answers. This trend is now going on since last two years. Based on the feedback from many students we expect the GS Paper- (I) Cut-Off around 45-50 correct questions effectively after deduction. Though all care has been taken while making this Answer Key, you should cross-check to calculate your final score.

Set no -"D"
Qs.No. Question Correct Answer Set No. Topic Page No.
1 In medieval India, the designations 'Mahattara' and 'Pattakila' were used for B - - -
2 Lichens, which are capable of initiating ecological succession even on a bare rock, are actually a symbiotic association of B VI Science 12
3 If you travel through the Himalayas, you are likely to see which of the following plants naturally growing there? A V Indian geography 56
4 Which of the following are some important pollutants released by steel industry in India? A VI Ecology 257
5 Which of the following kingdoms were associated with the life of the Buddha? C II Ancient 206
6 Every year, a monthlong ecologically important campaign/ festival is held during which certain communities/ B - - -
7 The sales tax you pay while purchasing a toothpaste is a D I Polity 92
8* What does venture capital mean? B IV Economy 243
9 The main objective of the 12th Five-Year Plan is D IV Economy 48
10 With reference to Balance of Payments, which of the following C IV Economy 125
11 The terms 'Marginal Standing Facility Rate' and 'Net Demand and Time Liabilities', A IV Economy 83
12 What is/are the facility/facilities the beneficiaries can get from the services of Business Correspondent (Bank Saathi) in branchless areas? B IV Economy 99
13 In the context of Indian economy, this of the following is/are the purpose/purposes of 'Statutory Reserve Requirements? B IV Economy 75
14 Recently, a series of uprisings of people referred to as 'Arab Spring' originally started from A VII Current 250
15 Consider the following countries: Arctic Council D - - -
16 Consider the following pairs: Chechnya A V VII GK Current 268, 271 256
17 With reference to Agni-IV Missile, which of the following statements is/are correct? A IX Currentt 34
18* With reference to two non-conventional energy sources called 'coalbed methane' which of the statements D IX Current 248
19* With reference to 'Changpa' community of India, Which of the statements B V Indian Geography 147
20 In India, cluster bean Guar is traditionally used as a vegetable or animal feed, but recently the cultivation of this B IV Economy 122
21 The Partition of Bengal made by Lord Curzon in 1905 lasted until B III Modern India 57
22 The 1929 Session of Indian National Congress is of significance in the history B III Modern India 76
23 With reference to the famous Sattriya dance, consider the following statements: Which of the statements D VIII II India Year Book Ancient India 24 271
24* Chaitra 1 of the national calendar based on the Saka Era corresponds to which one of the following A VIII India Year Book 4 134/226
25 With reference to the Indian history of art and culture: famous work of sculpture: a grand image of Buddha C - - -
26 The Ghadr (Ghadar) was a A III Modern history 59
27 With reference to India's culture and tradition, what is Kalaripayattu D II Ancient India 274
28 Consider the following pairs: Garba: Gujarat C II IV Ancient GK 262, 271 260
29 With reference to Buddhist history, tradition and culture Which of the pairs given above C - - -
30 Consider the following statements: Bijak is a composition D III Medieval India 273-274
31 A community of people called Manganiyars is well-known for their B - - -
32 What was/were the object/objects of Queen Victoria's Proclamation (1858)? Select the correct answer A III Modern India 47
33 Ibadat Khana at Fatehpur Sikri was C III Medieval India 263
34 In the context of food and nutritional security of India, enhancing 'Seed Replacement Rates' D - - -
35 With reference to 'Eco-Sensitive Zones', which of the following D IX Current 79
36 Consider the following statements: Animal Welfare Board B VIII India Year Book 65, 66
37 Consider the following pairs: Vitamin A VI Science 14
38* There is some concern regarding the nanoparticles of some chemical elements that are used by the industry D VI Ecology 171, 172
39 Which of the following organizations brings out 'World Economic Outlook' A IV Economy 184
40 With reference to Union Budget, which of the following, Non-Plan Expenditure C IV Economy 242
41 If the interest rate is decreased in an economy, it will C IV Economy 246
42 Consider the following statements: The President shall make rules A I Polity 41
43 Consider the following statements regarding a No-Confidence Motion In India: C I Polity 57
44 With reference to Neem tree, consider the following statements: D - - -
45 Which one of the following is the process involved in photosynthesis? B VI Science 157, 194
46 In addition to fingerprint scanning, which of the following can be used in the biometric identification of a person? D VI Science 101, 102
47 Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding vegetative propagation of plants? D - - -
48 Which of the following pairs is /are correctly matched: spacecraft B V GK 282
49 Consider the following pairs: Region: Kinnaur D - - -
50* Which of the following is/are the example/examples of chemical change? B - - -
51 The power of the Supreme Court of India to decide disputes between the Centre and the States falls under its C I Polity 100
52 Consider the following techniques/phenomena: Budding and Grafting C - - -
53 Consider the following statements: Maize can be used D VIII VI India Year Book Science 130 115
54 ong the following organisms, which one does not belong to the class of other three? B VI Science 38
55 The power to increase the number of judges in the Supreme Court of India is vested in B I Polity 98
56 Consider the following towns of India: Bhadrachalam B - - -
57 Consider the following pairs: National Highway D V Indian Geography 114
58 Consider the following international agreements: Which of the above biodiversity? C VI V Ecology Biodiversity 281-282 223
59 Consider the following statements regarding Earth Hour, Which of the statements, Which of the statements given above C TESTS TESTS 48
60 Which one of the following is the correct sequence of a food chain? A VI II Science World Geog 9, 38 39
61 What are the significances of a practical approach to sugarcane production known as 'Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative? B - - -
62 If a wetland of international importance is brought under the 'Montreux Record', what does it imply? A V Indian Geography 50
63 Which one of the following pairs of islands is separated from each other by the 'Ten Degree Channel? A V Indian Geography 17
64* Consider the following pairs: Drought Prone Area Programme B - - -
65* With reference to Bombay natural History Society (BNHS), consider the following statements: C V Indian Geography 234
66 With reference to 'Global Environment Facility' C III Climate Change 217
67 With reference to technologies for solar power production A VI Science 148
68 Consider the following languages: Classical Language C - - -
69 Consider the following pairs: Which of the above: Dampa Tiger Reserve C V Indian Geography 23, 186, 196
70 With reference to a conservation organization called 'Wetlands International' C VI Ecology 279
71* With reference to a grouping of countries known as BRICS C VIII India Year Book 173
72* Consider the following diseases: which of the above diseases eradicated in India? D VI VIII Science India Year Book 33, 35 96
73* Which of the following phenomena might have influenced the evolution of organisms? C VI Geography Theory 193
74 Other than poaching, what are the possible reasons for the decline in the population of Ganges River Dolphins? C V Biodiversity 251
75 The Radcliffe Committee was appointed to C III Modern India 92
76 Brominated flame retardants are used in many household products like mattresses and upholstery. C VI Science 171
77 Consider the following: The phenomenon of hibernation can be observed in C - - -
78 Which of the following is the largest Committee of the Parliament? B I Polity 64-66
79 Which of the following adds/add carbon dioxide to the carbon cycle on the planet Earth? C III Climate Change 168-169
80* If you walk through countryside, you are likely to see some birds stalking alongside the cattle to seize the insects C - - -
81 Which of the following have coral reefs? A VIII India Year Book 63
82 In India, the problem of soil erosion is associated with which of the following? B V Indian Geography 45
83 The seasonal reversal of winds is the typical characteristic of C V Indian Geography 70
84 With reference to the cultural history of India, the term 'Panchayatan' refers to C II Ancient India 227
85 Consider the following rivers: Barak B V Indian Geography 27, 282
86 Consider the following pairs: Wetlands/ Confluence of rivers A V Indian Geography 15, 82, 189
87 Which one of the following pairs does not form part of the six systems of Indian Philosophy? C II Ancient India 256
88 Consider the following pairs: Hills/ Region: Cardamom Hills C V Indian Geography 15, 11, 10
89 Which one of the following Schedules of the Constitution of India contains provisions regarding anti-defection? D I Polity 266
90 The most important strategy for the conservation of biodiversity together with traditional human life is the establishment of D V Indian Geography 63
91* Turkey is located between B II World Geography 28, 24
92 What is the correct sequence of occurrence of the following cities in South-East Asia as one proceeds from south to north? C II World Geography 11
93 The scientific view is that the increase in global temperature should not exceed 2OC above pre-industrial level. B III Climate Change 174-175
94 The national motto of India, 'Satyameva Jayate' inscribed below the Emblem of India is taken from B I Polity 25
95 In the Constitution of India, promotion of international peace and security is included in the B I Polity 25
96 What are the benefits of implementing the 'Integrated Watershed Development Programme? C V Indian Geography 93
97 Which of the following are associated with 'Planning' in India? C I Polity 133
98 Which of the following is/are the function/functions of the Cabinet Secretariat? C I Polity 52
99 Consider the following statements: A Constitutional Government is one which C - - -
100 Which of the following are the discretionary powers given to the Governor of State? B I Polity 78
Questions marked with * are those which either require application of mind or some more information to complete the answer