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Set no - "C"


Dear Student, we rate the GS Prelims Paper (I) as an average (easy) paper. Here Questions were mostly direct and conventional with direct options to answers. This trend is now going on since last two years. Based on the feedback from many students we expect the GS Paper - (I) Cut-Off around 50-55 correct questions effectively after deduction. Though all care has been taken while making this Answer Key, you should cross- check to calculate your final score.

Set no -"C"
Qs.No. Question Correct Answer Set No. Topic Page No.
1 With reference to the Cabinet Mission A III Modern India 91
2 Which one of the following National Parks has a climate A V Indian Geog 190,287
3 Amnesty International is B IV GK 255
4 With reference to the art and archaeological history of India B II Ancient 230,234, 281,238
5 With reference to Indian history, which of the following B II/III Ancient/ Medieval 226,228/ 23
6 'BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest landscapes' is managed by the D - - -
7 India is a member of which among the following? B IV GK 216,256
8* In India, the steel production industry requires the import of C VIII India 109
9 The provisions in Fifth Schedule and Sixth Schedule in the Constitution A I Polity 266
10 With reference to the Union Government, consider the following statements C VIII/I India Yr/Polity 73/42,59
11 Who/Which of the following is the custodian of the Constitution of India D I Polity 98
12 Consider the following statements: CADP B V Indian Geog 96,97
13 The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee is constituted under the C - - -
14 In the Mekong-Ganga Cooperation, an initiative of six countries C - - -
15 'Basel III Accord' or simply 'Basel III; often seen in the news, seeks to B IV ECONOMY 90
16 Consider the following statements: B VI/V Geo Theory/Indian Geog 213/71
17 With reference to 'Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation D IV/IX GK/Current 256/161
18 Which one of the following movements has contributed A III Modern India 57
19 In a particular region in India, the local people train the roots A - - -
20 Tides occur in the oceans and seas due to which among the following? D VI Geo Theory 226
21 In which of the following activities are Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites used A VI SC 187
22 Consider the following States C V Indian Geog 55
23 The term 'IndARC', sometimes seen in the news, is the name of D VII Current 156
24* With reference to 'Forest Carbon Partnership Facility' B VII/III Current/ Climate 134/226
25 Which one of the following was given classical language status recently A - - -
26 With reference to an organization known as 'BirdLife International' C V Biodiversity 163, 165
27 Which one of the following countries of South-West Asia B V GK 269, 270
28 In India, in which one of the following types of forests is teak a dominant tree species A V India Geog 55
29 'Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action', often seen in the news, is C I Polity 178
30 "Each day is more or less the same, the morning is clear and bright B II World Geog 69
31* With reference to Indian economy, consider the following statements B IV Economy 226
32 Consider the following statements: 1. China D I Polity 82
33 "To uphold and protect the Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of India D I Polity 28
34 Which one of the following is the best description of the term 'ecosystem' C VI Ecology 236
35 The fundamental object of Panchayati Raj system is to ensure C I Polity 141
36 With reference to Indian economy, consider the following C IV Economy 73
37 With reference to inflation in India, which of the following statements is correct C IV Economy 39
38 Consider the following countries A IV GK 280
39 The ideal of 'Welfare State' in the Indian Constitution is enshrined in its B I Polity 25
40 The substitution of steel for wooden ploughs in agricultural B - - -
41 There is a Parliamentary System of Government in India because the D I ECO SURVEY 31
42 HINI virus is sometimes mentioned in the news with reference D IX Current 8
43 With reference to bio-toilets used by the Indian Railways D - - -
44 The problem of international liquidity is related to the non-availability of C IV Economy 93
45 With reference to 'fuel cells' in which hydrogen-rich fuel and oxygen A VI Science 163
46 Kalamkari painting refers to A - - -
47 Which one of the following best describes the main objective of 'Seed Village Concept B VIII India Yr Book 187
48 There has been a persistent deficit budget year after year A IV Economy 61, 252
49 Which of the following has/have been accorded 'Geographical Indication' status C - - -
50* With reference to the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited C VIII India Yr Book 199
51 Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana' has been launched for C VII Current 5
52 With reference to the Fourteenth Finance Commission A IX/VII Current/India Yr Book 25/283
53 The 'Fortaleza Declaration', recently in the news, is related to the affairs of B IX Current 55
54 A decrease in tax to GDP ratio of a country indicates which of the following B - - -
55 In the South Atlantic and South-Eastern Pacific regions in tropical latitudes A III/V/VI Climate Change/Indian Geo/ Geo Theory 182/76- 80/216
56 Which one of the following pairs of States of India indicates the easternmost D V Ind. Geog 127 (map)
57 Consider the following statements regarding the Directive Principles of State Policy C I Polity 25,26
58 In the 'Index of Eight Core Industries B - - -
59 Which of the following National Parks isunique in being a swamp B V Indian Geog 20
60 Which of the following statements is/arecorrect regarding National Innovation A IX Current 40
61 What can be the impact of excessive/ inappropriate use of nitrogenous C - - -
62 With reference to the International Union for Conservation B V Biodiversity 233, 223
63 The Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) of sugarcane is approved by the B VIII India Yr Book 207
64* What explains the eastward flow of the equatorial counter-current What explains the eastward flow of the equatorial counter-current VI Geo Theory 229
65 Consider the following pairs Place of Pilgrimage: Location A V Indian Geog 31, 11,287
66 With reference to Rowlatt Satyagraha A III Modern 75, 63
67 Among the following, which were frequently mentioned for Ebola B IX Current 207
68 With reference to 'fly ash' produced by the power plants A - - -
69 With reference to 'dugong', a mammal found in India C V Biodiversity 211, 241
70 Who of the following was/were economic critic/critics of colonialism in India D III Modern History 54
71 Which one of the following issues the 'Global Economic Prospects' D IV Economy 3
72 When the Reserve Bank of India reduces the Statutory Liquidity C IV Economy 91
73* With reference to the use of nanotechnology in health sector C VI Science 171,121,99
74 In India, markets in agricultural products are regulated under the B VIII Eco Survey 278
75 Which one of the following is the national aquatic animal of India C VIII India Yr Book 9
76 With reference to Congress Socialist Party, consider the following statements D III Modern India 113
77 consider the following statements: Rajya Sabha B I Polity 58, 60
78 The Government of India Act of 1919 clearly defined B III Modern India 65
79 Which of the following brings out the 'Consumer Price C VIII India Yr Book 118
80* In the context of modern scientific research D IX Current 184
81 The terms 'Agreement on Agriculture', 'Agreement on the Application C IV GK 155,161,175
82 With reference to 'Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology' C - - -
83 The area known as 'Golan Heights' sometimes appears in the news B V GK 271
84 Convertibility of rupee implies C IV Economy 129
85 Consider the following pairs: Medieval Indian State B - - -
86 Consider the following rivers: Vam Sadhara D V/VIII/V Indian Geo/Ind Yr Book/GK 32,37/6/282
87 When a bill is referred to a joint sitting of both the Houses of the Parliament A I Polity 73
88 Which one of the following regions of India has a combination of mangrove forest D V Indian Geog 62
89 Which of the following kingdoms were associated with the life of the Buddha C II Ancient 206
90 Which one of the following is associated with the issue of control of Ozone depleting B III Climate 205
91* Consider the following: arrival of Babur C III Medieval 253
92 The Government of India has established NITI Aayog to replace the D VIII India Yr Book 127
93 What is Rio+20 Conference, often mentioned in the news A VIII Eco Survey 265
94 Consider the following statements: Executive Powers D I Polity 37,52
95 The term 'Goldilocks Zone' is often seen in the news in the context of C - - -
96 Who of the following organized a march on the Tanjore coast to break the Salt Law in April 1930 B III Modern History 78
97 Who of the following founded a new city on the south bank C III Ancient 256
98 Consider the following statements: First Woman President B III Modern History 127, 63
99 Which of the following statements regarding 'Green Climate Fund' is /are correct A III Climate 213
100 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2014 C VII Current 181
Questions marked with* are those which either require application of mind or some more information to complete the answer