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Mains Answer Writing Skills Development Program

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Completely focus on developing answer writing skills with weekly topic-wise tests. You write answers on UPSC previous years questions. This is followed by evaluation on 8-important writing parameters and a video explaining model answers to all the questions of the test.


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"The main Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory". - Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

GS Mains Answer Writing Skills Development Program completely focuses on developing answer writing skills & depth of understanding with weekly topic-wise tests. You write answers on UPSC previous years questions. This is followed by evaluation on 8-important writing parameters and a video explaining model answers to all the questions of the test.

The pattern of UPSC Mains exam is very dynamic and unpredictable. Therefore, we use previous year papers so that the aspirants can simulate the UPSC exam in real sense, understand the demand of the exam and develop effective writing skills.

GS Mains Answer Writing Skills Development Program consists of 3 Parts:
1. 52 Tests of 5 Questions Each (UPSC PYQs)
(52 Tests * 5 Qs Each = 260 Qs)
2. Video discussion of Model Answers
3. Monthly Current Affairs E-Book and Value-Added Material

52 Tests of UPSC Previous Year Questions
  • These Tests are conducted online . Tests are Topical (Topicwise), that is, you will get the list of all the topics to be prepared. Each test consists of 5 Qs.
  • UPSC Previous Year Questions are the best questions to practice and if you have learnt the art of writing PYQs well, you do not need to worry about anything. So, these tests are made from UPSC PYQs (from the topics as per timetable) to help you write answers on 250+ previous year UPSC questions.
  • Evaluation is the most important part of answer writing. Your answers shall be evaluated on 8-parameters discussed in detail below.
  • Questions have been so selected that you need to write adequate content on the current affairs related to the topic.
  • You get personalised feedback on every answer to improve your answer writing skills.

Model Answers Video Discussions
  • Each test will be followed by video discussion of model answers to all the questions. So, you will be able to understand and write model answers on 250+ previous years UPSC questions.
  • Each video discussion will cover the structure of the answer, introduction, conclusion, value additions, current perspective, and other important parameters of a model answer.
  • Discusses how to make a model structure of the answer for all questions.
  • Gives you easy techniques for how to develop answer writing skills.
  • Video discussion will remain available in your account for future references too.

You will be provided Monthly Current Affairs E-Book + Value Added Material related to synopsis of Yojana/ Kurukshetra/ EPW/ World Bank Report/ HDR & other important international reports in PDF Format. Current affairs are well-prepared from 14 different sources like The Hindu, PIB, Indian Express, Live Mint, IDSA, PRS Blog etc.

Experts Support
Personal Interaction/ Telephonic Discussion/ Email Interaction/ Classroom interaction in seminars.

Program Objective
This is a comprehensive and intensive 'interactive' (online) test series program focusing on sincere IAS Aspirants who will appear in Civil Service Exam 2021. It focuses on making your reading skills better, attune you to exam conditions, and provide you a wide variety of questions of UPSC previous year questions with detailed evaluations. You will be provided step by step guidance for understanding the concepts of the subject and learn answer writing through easy to understand videos.

Evaluation of all Answers on 8 essential parameters and their weightage
1. Introduction - whether it is aligned as per the demands of the question, strong, with definition of key terms. 15% (Introduction Competence)
2. Question is dissected well - all parts have been aptly covered - no part is under or over discussed - content is relevant. 20%
3. Language - lucid, cogent, and grammatically consistent - shows clarity of thought and expression. 10% (Language Competence)
4. Facts covered aptly as per needs of question - neither too less nor too many. 10% (Content Competence)
5. Analysis is aligned as per the needs of the question. 15% (Contextual Competence)
6. Presentation/ Value addition - underlining, highlighting, diagram, graphs, etc. - adequately done. 10% (Structure - Presentations Competence)
7. Words limit - words are within limits without compromising content required. 5%
8. Conclusion - is powerful, expresses way forward, positive, strong, leaving an impact on examiner. 15% (Conclusion Competence)

What's Special about our Answer Writing Skills Development Program:
  • You write answers on actual UPSC Questions. Writing 250+ answers on UPSC PYQs will raise your level higher & boost your confidence.
  • Your answer is evaluated against 8 parameters. If you are above average on each parameter, your answer will be really good. Against each parameter, you get a rating between Extremely Poor (rated 1) and Extremely Good (rated 5). Now your target would be improving only those parameters where you are below average. This way your focus will be directed, and even little improvements will yield great results.
  • Evaluation on 8 essential parameters will help you recognize your real problems in answer writing. Traditional way of giving a feedback note at the end of a answer by examiner has problems that you are not able to diagnose your real issues. This method is more scientific & directly hits on your real problems.
  • Based on your rating, you will get practical suggestions and techniques to improve against each parameter. You will get personalised feedback by examiner.
  • You will get access to the answers of Toppers against each parameter.
  • Learn answer writing thru videos: a video on every question helps understand how to break question into parts and write model answer. Various aspects of each question are discussed in video.
  • 5 Qs per week: weekly answer writing puts you in a habit of answer writing.

Answer Writing Program is conducted both Online. For online - Student needs to download the question paper, take a print of it, complete the answer writing, scan, and upload in PDF form. Evaluation is done in 7days.

What you will get:

  • Tests are conducted Online.
  • You will get Username/ Password as soon as you subscribe to test series and the process on Email. You will get the tests and their evaluation on this students’ panel.
  • There will be Video Test Discussion & Doubt Clearing Sessions over the mail/ personal interaction/ telephone & during workshops.
  • You get Consolidated Question Paper-cum-Answer booklet (52 Tests: PDF File) and Evaluated Answer Booklet by experts with proper feedback, comments & guidance. 
  • Flexible-Date of Mock Test: Reschedule on the demand of the aspirants. Postpone, but not Prepone.
  • Value Addition / Current Affairs / Supplementary material/Reference material/Support material will be provided in SOFT COPY ONLY and will NOT be dispatched.
  • Information related evaluation of test papers & videos of model answers will be notified on the home page of student's online platform and thru sms.


6-Red Books (Static part) at time of subscription
7th Red Book (Current) October-end
8th Red Book (Current) December-end
9th Red eBook (Current) March-end (approx 2 months before Prelims Exam)
10th Red eBook (India Yr Bk, Eco Survey) March-end (approx 2 months before Prelims Exam)
Current Supplement (Pdf) April-end (approx one month before Prelims Exam)


  • 4-Books at time of subscription
  • 5th eBook (advance level tests) mid-March


  • 4-Blue Books (Static Part) at time of subscription
  • 4-Blue Books (Static Part) during January-March 2020
  • 9th Blue Book (Current) December-end
  • 10th Blue Book (Current) April-end (approx 5-months before Mains Exam)
  • 11th Blue eBook (Current) July-end (approx 2 months before Mains Exam)
  • 12th Blue eBook (Gist of Reports & Magazines) July-end (approx 2 months before Mains Exam)
  • 13th Blue eBook (synopsis of all 12 Blue Books) August-end (approx 1 month before Mains Exam)
  • Current Supplement (PDF) August-end (approx 1 month before Mains Exam)


  • 2-Booklets for Essay at time of subscription
  • 1-Booklets (approx 1 month before Mains Exam)

In our GS Prelims package, we have 6 Books cover Static Areas incl. History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment, Science, and GK. 3 Books cover Current Affairs from 14 different sources like Hindu, PIB, Live Mint, PRS, Indian Express, etc. We provide current affairs for 1.5 years from January to April-end. 1 Book contains Gist of India Year Book, Economic Survey & Budget in just 150-200 pages.

In our GS Mains package, we have 9 Blue Books cover all Static Areas of all the 4 Papers of GS Mains (divided into 358 topics total). 3 Blue Books cover well-prepared Current Affairs from 14 Sources for 1.5 years. 1 Blue Book covers well-prepared Gist of 1 year issues of Yojana, Economic & Political Weekly, and latest reports of World Bank (WDR) and HDR. 1 Blue Book covers well-prepared Synopsis of all the 13 Blue Books above in just 45 to 50 pages for Exam-time revision. 3 Blue Books for Essay cover various aspects and techniques of writing high scoring essays, model essays written by toppers, and a dedicated current affairs book related to various topics of Essay.