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Topical Analysis

Many students spend many years for preparing for civil services exam. However, we have prepared a very scientific method of preparing the IAS Exam. If you follow this method and Time - Table, we are sure that you will crack this exam in one attempt only. Read below -

There are Total 358 Topics in which the whole UPSC syllabus is divided including Mains, Prelims and Interview. These Topics are spread in 14 Subjects.

Indian Culture 10 Indian Polity 20
Indian Economy 33 Ethics 30
Modern India History 27 Developmental Issues 23
Science & Technology 11 Prelims Only Topics (mixed ones) 43
Post-Independence India History 10 International Relations 69
Environment 5 World History 7
Security Related Matters 8 Indian Society 15
World & Indian Geography 47    
Total Topics - 358

Out of these 358 Topics, 239 are relevant for both Prelims as well as Mains. These topics must be prepared from pre-cum-mains perspective together.

Topics relevant for both Prelims and Mains (that is, Topics which need to be prepared from both Pre-cum-Mains perspective) 239
Topics relevant for Mains only (prepared from majorly Mains perspective) 76
Topics relevant for Prelims only (prepared from both majorly Prelims perspective) 43
Total Topics - 358

Further, not all the Topics are equally important. Few Topics are more important than others, so more efforts should be put on those topics. For the purpose of preparation, Topics can be divided into High Depth, Medium Depth and Shallow -

High Depth Topics (Topics which need to be prepared in depth) 138
Medium Depth Topics (Topics which need to be prepared in detail, but not too much detail) 158
Shallow Topics (Topics which need to be prepared in general, not much detail) 62
Total Topics - 358

Current Affairs are extremely important from IAS Exam point of view, but Current Affairs must be prepared Topic-wise. Topic-wise preparation of current affairs will provide you - a) better perspective of the topic, b) better understanding of the topic as well that particular current news, and c) will be more scoring as you will be able to write holistic vision not just fragmented knowledge. Moreover, you will be able to remember the topic much easier than preparing them separately (that is, not topic-wise). Topic-wise importance of current affairs -

Topics for which Current Affairs are very important (Majorly Current Oriented Topics) 94
Topics for which Current Affairs are important 86
Topics for which Current Affairs are not much important 178
Total Topics - 358

Further, for how to manage your time, watch the video below. It will help you understand how you should keep reducing the content you have to study so that you can manage your time in the best way before the exam.

You can follow the given Time-Table depending on the month in which you start your preparation. This has been prepared keeping in mind when you start preparation, how many months will be left for prelims and mains exam at that time, how important a topic is from prelims and mains point of view etc. (Download Timetable Here)

Before you prepare any topic, you must analyse which type of questions are asked from that topic, which kind of current news are coming related to that topic etc. View the complete list of Topics of the syllabus here along with Previous Years’ Questions asked & News related to the topic as well as relevant NCERTs & Rajya Sabha Expert Videos related to the topic -

Very Important from Current Affairs Point of view
Quite important from Current Affairs Point of view
NOT of much importance from Current Affairs point of view

Choose your Topics here -