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Computer Technology incl. 3-D Printing

Science & Technology ( Mains GS 3 )

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Discuss the advantage and security implication of cloud hosting of servers vis-a-vis in house machine based hosting for government business.(Q. No. 13, CSE 2015, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


What do you understand by Umpire Decision Review System in cricket? Discuss its various components. Explain how silicone tape on the edge of a bat may fool the system?(Q. No. 15, CSE 2013, 200 words, 10 Marks)


How does the 3D printing technology work? List out the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. (Q. No. 16B, CSE 2013, 100 words, 5 Marks)


The Sequoia supercomputer was launched this year. What are its specific features and what is its purpose? (more than 50 words each)


Bring out the applications of computer models in studying climate changes, with special reference to the Community Earth System Model (CESM). (in about 150 words each)


What is ‘cloud computing’? Bring out its essential features and list its advantages and limitations. (in about 150 words each)


What do you understand by optical Computing? Why is optical Computing envisaged to have much better performance than that of electronic Computing? (in about 150 words each)

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