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Important Geophysical Phenomenon - Atmosphere, its Composition and Circulation

Geography ( Mains GS 1 )

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All UPSC previous year questions - both mains and prelims - related to this topic: this section is under updation!


Discuss the concept of air mass and explain its role in macro-climatic changes. (Q. No. 13, CSE 2016, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


Most of the unusual climatic happenings are explained as an outcome of the El-Nino effect. Do you agree? (Q. No. 16, CSE 2014, 150 words, 10 Marks)


Tropical cyclones are largely confined to South China Sea, Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mexico. Why? (Q. No. 19, CSE 2014, 150 words, 10 Marks)


The recent cyclone on the east coast of India was called 'Phailin'. How are the tropical cyclones named across the world? Elaborate. (Q. No. 19 B, CSE 2013, 100 words, 5 Marks)


What do you understand by the phenomenon of 'temperature inversion' in meteorology? How does it affect weather and the habitants of the place? (Q. No. 20 B, CSE 2013, 100 words, 5 Marks)

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