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How do you justify the view that the level of excellence of the Gupta numismatic art is not at all noticeable in later times? (Q.No. 1, CSE 2017, 150 words, 10 Marks )


Early Buddhist Stupa-art, while depicting folk motifs and narratives, successfully expounds Buddhist ideals. Elucidate. (Q. No. 1, CSE 2016, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


Mesolithic rock cut architecture of India not only reflects the cultural life of the times but also a fine aesthetic sense comparable to modern painting. Critically evaluate this comment. (Q. No. 2, CSE 2015, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


To what extent has the urban planning and culture of the Indus Valley Civilization provided inputs to the present day urbanization? Discuss. (Q. No. 1, CSE 2014, 150 words, 10 Marks)


Gandhara sculpture owed as much to the Romans as to the Greeks. Explain. (Q. No. 2, CSE 2014, 150 words, 10 Marks)


Chola architecture represents a high watermark in the evolution of temple architecture. Discuss (Q. No. 2 B, CSE 2013, 100 words, 5 Marks)

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