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Role of External State & Non-state actors in creating challenges to internal security incl. Terrorism & illegal Migration

Security Related Matters ( Mains GS 3 )

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The north-eastern region of India has been infested with insurgency for a very long time. Analyze the major reasons for the survival of armed insurgency in this region. (Q. No. 10, CSE 2017, 150 words, 10 Marks)


The scourge of terrorism is a grave challenge to national security. What solutions do you suggest to curb this growing menace? What are the major sources of terrorist funding? (Q. No. 20, CSE 2017, 250 words, 15 Marks)


The terms 'Hot Pursuit' and 'Surgical Strikes' are often used in connection with armed action against terrorist attacks. Discuss the strategic impact of such actions.(Q. No. 17, CSE 2016, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


Terrorism is emerging as a competitive industry over the last few decades." Analyse the above statement.(Q. No. 18, CSE 2016, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


Human right activists constantly highlight the fact that the Armed forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA) is a draconian act leading to cases of human right abuses by security forces. What sections of AFSPA are opposed by the activists? Critically evaluate the requirement with reference to the view held by Apex Court.(Q. No. 17, CSE 2015, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


The diverse nature of India as a multi-religious and multi-ethnic society is not immune to the impact of radicalism which has been in her neighborhood. Discuss along with the strategies to be adopted to counter this environment.(Q. No. 16, CSE 2014, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


How illegal trans-border migration does pose a threat to India's security? Discuss the strategies to curb this, bring out the factors which give impetus to such migration.(Q. No. 18, CSE 2014, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)


China and Pakistan have entered into an agreement for development of an economic corridor. What thread does it dispose for India's security? Critically examine.(Q. No. 20, CSE 2014, 200 words, 12.5 Marks)

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