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IC15 index is a rule-based broad market index by market capitalization, which tracks and measures the performance of top 15 widely traded liquid cryptocurrencies listed on leading crypto exchanges of the world

Superapp CryptoWire has launched India’s first crypto index, IC15, which will track the market capitalization and liquidity of top 15 global digital currencies, the company said on Monday.

The IC15 is a rule-based broad market index by market capitalization that measures the performance of 15 widely traded liquid cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges across the world, it added.

Crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, Solana, Cardano, Ripple, Terra, Dogecoin and Shiba inu will be monitored by the platform. CryptoWire’s index governance committee, comprising domain experts, industry practitioners and academicians, will maintain, monitor and administer the index and rebalance it every quarter.

The base value of the index is set at 10,000 and the base date is 1 April 2018. As of 1 January, IC15 index’s open value stood at 71,463.30 points.

“With the launch of India’s first index of crypto, IC15, we intend to complete the knowledge circle for the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. This will not only push the ‘learn before earn’ initiative but also serve the industry with a powerful intervention," said Jigish Sonagara, managing director and CEO, CryptoWire.

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