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Indian Economy

Kisan Drones will be used to boost the agricultural sector in the country

The Prime minister Narendra Modi on Saturday flagged off 100 Kisan drones in different cities and towns of India to spray pesticides in farms across India. He virtually addressed to a group of farmers gathered at Manesar from where the "Drone Kisan Yatra" was flagged off. 

"This occasion is the best example of how far the country can fly if policies are drafted with the right spirit," he said while adding, "Till recently, there was a conception that drones were meant for armed forces and fighting enemies. However, the Kisan Drone Suvidha has added a new chapter in the direction of modern agricultural facilities of the 21st century." 

Five things you should know about Kisna Drones: 

Kisan Drones will be used to boost the agricultural sector in the country, the use of Kisan Drones will be promoted for crop assessment, digitization of land records and spraying of insecticides and nutrients.

This step was taken as the government aims to promote chemical-free national farming.

"Chemical-free Natural farming to be promoted throughout the country, with focus on farmers' lands in 5-kilometre-wide corridors along the river Ganga in the first stage," Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said in her Budget 2022 speech. 

Kisan Drone will usher in a new edge revolution as high capacity drones will be used to carry vegetables, fruits, fishes to the market directly from the farms. "These items will be supplied directly to the market with minimal damage, consuming lesser time, resulting in more profits to farmers and fishermen," the prime minister said. 

The Prime Minister said that the development of the drone market in India will generate fresh employment and new opportunities for the youth.

"I have been told that Garuda Aerospace has set a target of manufacturing 1 lakh Made-in-India drones in the next 2 years. This will generate fresh employment and new opportunities for the youth," he said.







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