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The IPS officer’s sarcastic post on the ‘loyalty’ of TMC leader Partha Chatterjee aide Arpita Mukherjee has now gone viral.

As the Enforcement Directorate (ED) digs deeper into the teachers' recruitment scam, a tweet from IPS officer Arun Bothra about Arpita Mukherjee, the close aide of ousted Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee, has gone viral. A few days after the pair were detained, on July 28, Bothra shared a tweet on Mukherjee.

कुछ भी कहो पर अर्पिता जी ने वफादारी की मिसाल कायम की है।

खुद के ऊपर सोसाइटी के 11,809 रुपये बाकी थे, दरवाजे पर नोटिस लग गया पर दूसरे के पैसे को पूरा संभाल कर रखा। pic.twitter.com/BzJWCR0bjL

“Whatever you say, Arpita-ji has set an example of loyalty," Bothra posted in Hindi, “She was supposed to pay the (housing) society 11,809, a notice was put on the door but she kept another person’s money in full custody."

The IPS officer’s sarcastic post on the ‘loyalty’ of the Bengali model and actress has now gone viral. Many people have shared their two cents on the issue. “It is rare to meet such an honest person in today's Kali Yuga. Such rare human beings can be found only on the holy land of India," one user wrote.

One of the users went sarcastic about demonetisation and said, “But we heard that black money had disappeared after demonetisation?"

The TMC is likely to go in for a major organisational overhaul as well as a reshuffle of the state cabinet following the arrest of now-suspended senior party leader Partha Chatterjee in a multi-crore school jobs scam. Sources said the reshuffle will also aim at an image makeover for the party hit by school jobs scam probe.

Chatterjee, the former virtual number two both in the TMC and the government, was stripped of all ministerial responsibilities and suspended from the party following his arrest last week and the recovery of around 50 crore from flats of his associate Arpita Mukherjee.

On Thursday, Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee had indicated that a cabinet reshuffle will take place shortly.

"Partha Da has been relieved of his ministerial responsibilities. For the time being, I will keep his ministries till a cabinet reshuffle takes place," Banerjee had said.

According to senior TMC leaders privy to the development, overhauling the cabinet was being planned for quite some time, but Chatterjee's arrest hastened the process.

"The idea is modeled on Kamaraj Plan of the 1960s when several top Congress ministers had resigned to work for the party. Our plan was mooted last year after TMC returned to power for the third consecutive term.

"Now, only time will tell whether there will be a wholesale reshuffle or only a few key ministries will be changed," a senior TMC leader told PTI on condition of anonymity.

(With PTI inputs)

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